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V3 Testimonials
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V3 Testimonials

"When I first met Samantha in a boot camp session I shared with her some running goals I’d had for a long time but had not the confidence to begin working towards. She wrote up a detailed training schedule for me to follow and with her support and training over the past year I successfully finished my first 50-mile race, the Mt. Hood Pacific Crest Trail 50-miler.  Samantha is an exceptional trainer in every aspect. She is strong, positive, enthusiastic, inspirational and is there with her clients every step of the way. I’ve attended her boot camp in addition to running and have increased my strength, balance, agility and continue to be free of injuries. Throughout life there are a few people that strongly influence your quality of life and Samantha is one of those people. With her guidance I have pushed myself to accomplish things I never thought possible and through those experiences I have come to know the strength that lies within me." ~ Caitlin Sugishita

"It has been a year since I started with V3 and I am so grateful for the difference it has made in my life.  I've realized that the limitations I believed I had, I'd placed on myself.  So much possibility opened up for me.  I've come to value the process of reaching my edge, even moving beyond it and experiencing the intensity and all that arises for me in those moments.  I love the group and the early mornings.  I am stronger, feel more capable and just feel more alive.  Thank you for the great workouts, keeping it interesting, pushing me, your kindness and cheerful way and for always being so supportive." ~ Jackie

"I can not say enough about working with Sam as my trainer. No two sessions are ever the same. She is sure to include each area of the body (upper, lower and cardio) during our sessions in a balanced format. Sam also makes sure that each person in the class is working to their own potenial. My workouts with her are a key part of my health and well being now and in years to come. Thank you Sam :)" ~ Melanie G.

"I started working out with Sam over a year ago, frustrated because although I worked out very intensely seven days a week, I still wasn’t where I wanted to be. I was becoming bored and frustrated.  Sam has encouraged me to push harder, run faster, and jump higher in both my workouts and in my life! Her skills in designing fresh new workouts every day and gently pushing you to your edge are unsurpassed by any trainer I have ever worked with. This same attitude regarding exercise is reflected in her life and she reminds us that no challenge is too difficult if you just push through!

As a Sports Medicine physician here in Boulder, I also am in a unique position to be able to recommend Sam to those who are battling both recent and chronic injuries of all types. She well knows how to modify exercises safely and yet push people enough so that they can actually fully recover and become stronger and more resilient than ever before. 
No matter what level you are starting, from the injured novice to the extreme and elite athlete, Sam will allow you to excel beyond your expectations!

I have five children and not much money for extras, but workouts with Sam are worth every penny and a favor I do for myself that I will never give up!" ~ Dr. Elizabeth Yurth

"I started working out with Sam a year and a half ago. I had been a competitive athlete most of my life. I had stopped training, became overweight and lost my fire for competing. I finally got to the point where I needed to do something about my body and my spirit. That's when I met Sam. She helped me push through the really hard times of getting back into shape. She is an inspiration and now boot camp is not just a way to exercise but a lifestyle. I am back in the saddle enjoying century bike rides again. I am 55 and boot camp will keep me going until I'm 100." ~ Jan Mitchell

"I worked out with personal trainers before and the main result of that was I got addicted to personal training.  After I started working out with Sam, I got addicted to exercise.  What motivated me after meeting Sam: her confidence and incredible knowledge of my fitness potential.  Sometimes she says very convincing things, like "you are not going to die from doing this exercise," that it starts making sense.  Sam is such an open, friendly, and caring person, that I would not lie to her about anything.  I feel like I lie to myself (a piece of this chocolate bar would not make a difference) but not to her.  Sam knows so much about fitness, nutrition, and anything else that touches the field, that she has already figured out the best ways to phrase the directives most effectively.  Often, I hear Sam's voice in my head "pull your abs on" or "high knees" during my 5km race and I just follow directions.  I was so very impressed how she would jog with me to get me use to it and how we would not have to go anywhere, just stay outside!" ~ Nelly Dawallu

"Whatever your fitness level, whatever your fitness goals...Sam gets you in shape!  She teaches you how to workout using correct form and how to position your body for maximum results.  As your form improves, Sam teaches you how to use your own 'internal mirror' so that you can 'feel your body in space' and correct your own form as you go through the exercises.  EVERY workout is totally different.  I NEVER get bored!  Sam always talks you through each exercise using different wording to help you be your best.  I leave every class knowing that I gave 100%.  It does not matter how many people are at class, as Sam can keep us focused, motivated, and at the same time she is giving personal attention to everyone.  Sam is AMAZING!  I have achieved goals that I never thought possible.  And this is because of Sam's positive, encouraging, upbeat, motivational, support throughout the year I've been with her.  There's great camaraderie when I workout with Sam's V3 Outdoor Fitness.  I've made incredibly wonderful friends.  When I want to quit an exercise, I see that no one else in class is quitting and I push through.  I have been working out since I was 10 yeard old and this is the first time ever that I have been elated with my fitness level and ecstatic about my trainer!  I've had a lot of trainers in my life and NONE compare to Sam." ~ Alicia Gromicko

"I want to prioritize my health and fitness.  V3 Outdoor Fitness is a great fit for getting into shape with the right direction, expertise and fun.  It's a method to motivate myself in a way I would never do on my own." ~ Elyana Funk

"These workouts are more than just something I do each week; they are my lifestyle.  At first, I thought it would be too hard and now I am completely addicted!" ~ Jennifer Towle



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