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6 for 6 Body Challenge

6 for 6

Body Challenge


What is it?

This is a spin off of the Biggest Loser.  For 6 weeks you will be given 6 workouts each week to do on your own.  We will meet weekly as a group and do one workout together and I will send out extra challenge/bonus workouts via email each week to give you that extra push! You will have unlimited access to me through email, Facebook or texts to answer any questions. 


You will also have the guidance of a nutritionist along the way.  The nutritionist will be providing general guidelines to follow in order to reach your full potential.  She will meet with you at the group workout to answer any questions.  If you want a more detailed nutritional program you can meet with her one-on-one at an additional cost.


What do YOU get out of this?

Beyond learning how to exercise and be self-driven to reach your goals, you could win one of the following.


First Place = $1000 to the person with the highest percentage of body weight loss


Second Place = 3 Months of Boot Camp Class plus 1 session with the nutritionist


Third Place = 1 Month of Boot Camp Class


How many people can participate?

I will only allow up to 16* people to join in on the challenge.  Don't wait to sign up!  Email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  to sign up.


How much does it cost?

For the low price of $300 per person you can get all of the above!


SPECIAL OFFER - The best way to stay motivated and stick with a challenging workout routine is to have a workout buddy! Sign up for this challenge with a friend and you both will receive a 10% discount.


When does it start?

We will begin Monday December 1st and finish Sunday January 11th.


*a minimum of 10 participants needed for the challenge to launch



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