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Samantha Watts, Founder

For the past fourteen years, Samantha has built her practice as a trainer by maintaining diligence in all aspects of personal wellness and fitness.  From a life-long competitive runner, a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology, to an events coordinator, high school track & field coach, and personal fitness trainer, Sam presents an outdoor training edge to her clientele.  Sam's passion and compassion embrace life-style awareness and personal vitality, by providing the tools necessary to move gracefully through limitations.

She can be found trail running or hiking with her husband, daughter and dogs on the many beautiful trails!

Lauren Montgomery, Personal Trainer

Lauren is an ACE certified personal trainer with a BA from the University of Colorado at Boulder in Integrative Physiology.  Among her many interestsm, health, fitness and nutrition have always been paramount.  Leading a healthful lifestyle by example, Lauren has participated in various races, loves hiking, biking, snow and water sports.  Belieing no goal is ever unattainable, she encourages each and every client to continually raise the bar in achieving their health and fitness goals.

During her years as a stufent at CU Boulder, Lauren worked as an athletic trainer intern with the Football Team and Track and Field Teams where she acquired extensive knowledge regarding sports training, injury prevention and rehabilitaion.  Lauren has gathered a base foundation of knowledge of the human body and its mechanics upon which she uses to plan, build and continually enhabce each of her clients' workout regimens.

Having successfully guided numerous clients, ranging in age from twelve to eighty yeard old, through the transformation that takes place via her personal training, Lauren has the knowledge and know-how when it comes to training her cleitns to become optimally healthy and physically fit.

Caitlin Strickland, Personal Trainer

Caitlin Strickland is an ACE certified personal trainer.  She has a BM and MM in Piano Performance and has studied and performed throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.  Caitlin struggled with her weight for many years and became interested in fitness when she worked with a personal trainer who helped her achieve her goals of losing 65 pounds and making fitness a part of her daily lifestyle.  She has coached several running groups and worked as a trainer at Oakway Fitness Center and the Downtown Athletic Club in Eugene, Oregon.  She has special training in pre and postnatal fitness and has taught classes for pregnant and new mothers at Baby Boot Camp.

Caitlin is an avid distance runner and has completed races ranging from 5k to 100k.  She is passionate about the outdoors and loves rock climbing, trail running, hiking and backbacking.  She enjoys helping others get outside, discover activites they can make a part of their lifestyle and stretch their perceived limitations of what they think they can accomplish.

What is V3?

You may be wondering what V3 stands for.  We were searching for a name that resonated with the programs philosophy.  When we thought about the meaning of the terms “Veni, Vidi, Vici – I came, I saw, I conquered” we immediately felt there was a challenge within ourselves.


It’s about living in a way that respects your health and wellness while thriving as an individual, parent, partner and friend.

V1 Veni:  What do you want in your life?
V2 Vidi:   What are you learning about yourself, your possibilities or limits?
V3 Vici:   You reached your goal, now what are you striving towards? 


Natalie Bailey, Personal Trainer

Natalie is an ACSM certified personal trainer and has been involoved in boot camps for the past three years.  Continually looking to broaden her depth of knowledge and stay current in the field, she has taken courses in: Advanced Cueing for Maximal Training Results, Vital Anatomy-Functional Applications, Train the Joes like Pros and Boot Camp.

Natalie has competed in both running and cycling races, but her true passion is volleyball.  Most weekends you could find her at the courts playing two person beach volleyball with her husband.  She is passionate about health and bringing the joy of fitness to adults of all levels.  With each client, she does all she can to bring out that persons' maximum efforts.


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